About Ketubahs and More


Ketubahs are finely crafted prenuptial agreements that state what the groom’s obligations, responsibilities, and rights will be in terms of his marital relationship to his wife. They represent the commitment that each partner is making in a marriage, and represent a promise that the spouses will abide by the words within. This beautiful tradition combines art, ceremony, and language and commitment, and is traditionally used in Jewish wedding ceremonies. However, this beautiful tradition has now expanded to marriages of every kind, and makes the perfect gift for any wedding. Ketubahs and More was founded by Ronald Broden, an ordained Cantor and Rabbi who has been overseeing marriages since the 1990s as a result of his vast experience delivering wedding services, and his experience in providing services to the Jewish and Interfaith community.

Ketubahs and More offers the most finely crafted and beautifully phrased Ketubahs for wedding ceremonies. We offer a huge variety of premade Ketubahs, and will also work with you to create a custom design. Each Ketubah we offer is decorated with a beautiful and detailed image, created by authentic Ketubah artists, alongside the text that will guide and shape your marriage. Your wedding day is the most important of your adult life, and a Ketubah spells out the exact nature of your commitment while celebrating the unique facets of your love.

Beyond wedding celebration Ketubahs, we also offer Ketubahs to celebrate anniversaries, for secular and humanistic ceremonies and same sex ceremonies, as well as commitment vows and interfaith marriage Ketubahs. Many orthodox or non-traditional Jewish couples choose to celebrate with a Ketubah on their wedding, day, and further, many secular, atheist or humanist wedding celebrants opt to include Ketubahs as a beautiful wedding tradition and keepsake for their special day. Many interfaith couples view a Ketubah as a beautiful way to unite two faiths and begin their journey together, and each of our specialized Ketubah artists has an interfaith Ketubah available. We also have a number available for same-sex weddings and commitment ceremonies, as well as more orthodox and traditional Ketubahs.

Each available piece can be written in Hebrew or English, and can be designed to include certain specifics such as the bride and groom’s names, the location of the wedding, important dates, and more. Every personalization request made will be carried out by a traditional certified Ketubah artist, and you can be assured that they will take your specifics and incorporate them for a beautiful finish. At Ketubahs and More, we know that the beliefs and vows exchanged and shared on your wedding day are linked to tremendously personal beliefs and the unique things that define your relationship. We provide a huge selection of Ketubahs for couples of all beliefs, with varied and distinctive designs, authentic products, and the work of dedicated Ketubah artists, we can make your vision a reality, and your satisfaction is our guarantee.

Ketubahs are beautiful reminders of the love shared between two people, and are an excellent way to celebrate an anniversary or to recommit to the vows made on your wedding day. Ketubahs can be a beautiful feature for your wedding day, and to display in your home for a daily reminder of why you have committed to your partner and what you have promised to do. Ketubahs bring the beauty of love into a visual piece, and honor a beautiful Jewish wedding tradition that celebrates your love.

At Ketubahs and More, we are honored to help couples celebrate their love and commitment every day, and make our beautiful Ketubahs available for order both online and over the phone. Please, feel free to browse our huge selection before ordering, or contact us with your personal wishes. If your wedding is coming up soon, please call us and we will get your Ketubah delivered in time for your special day. While we are committed to the quality of what we provide, we are also committed to offering you the best prices. If you find the same Ketubah for sale somewhere else for a lower price, Ketubahs and More will beat our competitors’ price by 10%. With experience, dedication to your satisfaction and your celebration, and unbeatable price and service, Ketubahs and More is the best and only source you’ll need for this once-in-a-lifetime keepsake.