Ketubah Basics from Ketubahs and More

What should be used to sign the Ketubah?

If you have had your Ketubah printed on paper, our best recommendation for signing your Ketubah on your special day is to use a waterproof, acid-free pen. The best place to locate these are at craft or fine-art stores. We have found that the Pigment Micron Pen designed by Sakura is an excellent choice.

If you have opted to print your Ketubah on canvas, we recommend using a fine-point Sharpie permanent marker (made by Sanford). It can be difficult to sign canvas neatly the first time you try it. If you have placed a canvas order, we will make sure to send along a strip of canvas on which you can both practice your signatures.

Who should sign the Ketubah? Do witnesses sign?

Each Ketubah is designed to be signed by two witnesses, and most Ketubahs also provide spacefor both the couple and their officiant to sign it as well. The people you select to sign as witness to your Ketubah are being given a great honor, sign of respect, and lifelong place in the lives of the couple.

If you are interested in adding additional signature lines to your Ketubah, this can usually be accommodated with personalization. When moving through the personalization wizard, you can select the “Special Request” are and place your request for additional signature lines. When filling this in, please remember to indicate the number of additional lines that you require for your request, and the label that you would like to have accompany each line (for example, witness, Cantor, Loving Parents, Maid of Honor, etc.).

Please note that if you have selected a lithograph Ketubah and selected personalization, we may be able to add addtional signature lines at your request. However, this depends on the design and text selected, and is not available in every case. To find out if this will be an option for your Ketubah, please call us or email us with your request and specific details.

If you have placed an order for a Ketubah without personalization features, we may still be able to add additional signature lines at your request. Again, this depends on the text and design that you have selected, and is not available in every case. Please contact us to find out if this is an option for your specific order and please note that there may be a small fee for adding additional signature lines due to the extra time involved for your artist (this fee would be covered by a personalization charge in most cases).

Can we provide our own artwork for a Ketubah or suggest changes to colors or designs that are available?

The Ketubahs available through our site are carefully crafted by our artists and are personal expressions and creations and as a result, our designs can unfortunately not be modified. However, we know that many couple would like their Ketubahs to include their own personal elements, and have made several “Do It Yourself” Ketubah options available to help you.

Our DIY designs have a beautiful printed Ketubah text placed in the center of a large sheet of art paper, leaving space to add your own design around the wording. These designs are available in a variety of texts (including custom text options of your choosing) and can be ordered with our without personalization services.

To browse DIY designs, simply enter “do it yourself” into our site search.

Can I add a message with a giftware or Ketubah order?

Absolutely! When you reach the checkout section of our site, simply type your message in the designated spot and we will make sure to include your message alongside delivery of your gift.

Can we check on the status of a placed order?

Yes! To check on the status of your order, simply log in to your account using your email address and password. You are able to view the stage of completion your Ketubah order has reached (including whether you need to provide information, the completion state of your first proof, the progress of your final piece, and shipping).

When your piece has been completed, we will send you an email notifying you of estimated delivery date.

Will the colors in my Ketubah look exactly as it does on a computer screen?

We make the highest effort to ensure that the images we post in our gallery accurately reflect the colors of the printed piece. However, it is important to keep in mind that every device displays colors slightly differently, and for this reason we cannot guarantee that your final printed piece will be precisely color-matched with the image you see through your screen.

How can we care for our Ketubah so it lasts?

There are a few things you can do to make sure you Ketubah stays in beautiful shape for display. Make sure you always handle your Ketubah with care, using clean, dry hands. Moisture, skin oils, makeup, and mishandling can damage your artwork over time. Make sure that you don’t store your Ketubah in a humid environment such as a basement, and try to refrain from handling it as much as possible.

To ensure your Ketubah remains safe, consider having if framed. You can prepare for this before your ceremony by having it mounted on an acid-free foam core base, or mat board with hanging tape or framer glue. Note that you should NEVER have your Ketubah dry mounted, as this will likely damage and discolor your piece.

At your ceremony, you might consider designating a member of your wedding party to care for and take responsibility of your Ketubah. Provide the keeper with these instructions, as well as protective wrapping or tissue paper, as well as a safe place to store it throughout the day.

When framing your signed Ketubah after your ceremony, you can request that the framers use UV protective covering (glass or plexiglass) to prevent sunlight damage that can cause your artwork to fade. Even if you choose this option, try to hang or display your Ketubah in a place where it will be out of direct sunlight.

There are so many options, how do we choose our Ketubah?

Before you begin to consider your Ketubah text, you must first check with your officiant to find out whether you need a specific type of text for your type of ceremony. Some officiants require very specific texts to ensure that your Ketubah adheres to their particular religious and denominational restraints. Because the Ketubah is a religious document, as well as a binding contract between the couple, it is very important that you review and confirm any options with your officiant before making your selection.

If your officiant has a very specific requirement for your text, know that you still have a tremendous amount of options to choose from. We pride ourselves on offering you the largest selection of Ketubah choice in the world, and you will have endless options regardless of which text you use.

You may find it useful to narrow down your choices by color, theme, or image. We have created a Wish List option for you to create a list of your favorites, and selecting your perfect design is the most enjoyable part of creating the perfect Ketubah to celebrate your love.

You might also consider how you would like to display your Ketubah in your home after the ceremony. Envisioning how your perfect Ketubah will decorate your home can also help you narrow down your options.

Please Note: We make the highest effort to ensure that the images we post in our gallery accurately reflect the colors of the printed piece. However, it is important to keep in mind that every device displays colors slightly differently, and for this reason we cannot guarantee that your final printed piece will be precisely color-matched with the image you see through your screen.