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Place your order first and scroll to ‘yes’ under personalization. We will immediately send you a link to the personalization form to fill out. If you have any questions about personalization call us at 877-718-9703 or email us at and we will guide you through the process.

What is an Anniversary Ketubah?

Anniversary Ketubahs contain specially written texts appropriate to couples celebrating a significant wedding anniversary. Those who wish to renew their vows, commemorate their marriage, or add a visual element to their home to celebrate their love will find a beautiful selection in our anniversary Ketubahs.

The texts available are appropriate for those who already have a wedding Ketubah or one from an earlier anniversary, as well as those who never has one at their wedding.

What if our chosen design doesn’t come in the text we need for our ceremony?

Each Ketubah design available on our site is specifically crafted by an authentic Ketubah artist. The list of texts available with each design has been chosen by the specific artist, and may be limited for a number of reasons. The artist may simply choose not to offer the selected text with their work, or they may have offered it at one point and have since sold out – all designs on the site are limited edition prints, adding to the unique significance of your chosen Ketubah.

To avoid being disappointed in this, we recommend beginning your search with a designated text, as this is the most important element of your Ketubah. Once you have chosen a text, you can browse all available options that are compatible with your choice, and find a beautiful Ketubah that perfectly celebrates your relationship.

What does “Your Own Text” mean?

Most of our available Ketubahs have a personalization option, and this is often referred to as “Your Own Text” throughout the site. This option is available for couples who wish to use their own text or wording in their Ketubahs, but want to use the designs available through an authentic artist. You will see this appear throughout the site, with varying pricing for custom texts, as many of our artists offer the option of personalization with their designs.

If you choose the option of submitting your own text, you must provide a typed version of the text, including any of the phrasing in Hebrew that you would like to have included. We cannot accept any handwritten, mailed, or PDF texts to avoid transcription errors. The electronic text that you submitted will be forwarded to the artist that you have selected through your design. With this process, you can be sure that your proof and eventual artwork contain precisely the text you desire.

The price of custom texts ranges between artist to artist, but generally falls within a range of $135 and $1000 in addition to the price of the artwork you have selected. Each design lists custom prices, and if you require more information you can always call our customer service representatives.

Although we are able to accommodate rush requests for Ketubahs, most of our artists will need five to 10 weeks’ notice to complete a custom text order. Each artist lists their specific delivery times, and you should keep this in mind when placing your order to make sure your custom Ketubah arrives in time for your celebration.

How do we submit our custom text for our order?

We require that you submit a typed, electronic copy of your custom text. Once you have created the perfect words for your Ketubah, please type the text in full in a Word Document. To ensure that our Ketubah is created perfectly and accurately, we require:

  1. The full text as you would like it to appear in the document, with all personalization information (including the couples’ names, date of ceremony, location of the wedding, or other details as you would like them to appear).
  2. An indication of how many signature lines you would like for your Ketubah, as well as the labels you would like to appear alongside each line (for example, Witness, Officiant, Cantor, etc.).

Once you have created your perfect text and have written it as you would like it to appear, please make sure to review it as a couple, as well as with your officiant. While we will have our proofreaders review your submitted text, we cannot be sure to pick up on personal details or names that may be incorrect or inaccurate, and rely on you to ensure your text is ready to submit to the artist.

When you are ready to submit your text, please send an email to, and add your text as an attachment, being sure to include your order number and name. To guarantee accuracy, we will have our specialized proofreaders review your text, and will contact you should we note any concerns, questions, or omissions.

How do we know what text to select?

Before you begin to consider your Ketubah text, you must first check with your officiant to find out whether you need a specific type of text for your type of ceremony. Some officiants require very specific texts to ensure that your Ketubah adheres to their particular religious and demoninational restraints. Because the Ketubah is a religious document, as well as a binding contract between the couple, it is very important that you review and confirm any options with your officiant before making your selection.

You can easily view and print copies of available texts from this site, and if you have already placed an order, you will receive an email with a link to your selected text that you can share with your officiant. Checking ahead of your special day can assure you that your offciant is comfortable with your chosen words and vows.

For your convenience, our Ketubahs are grouped on this site into specific cateogories. If your celerbation has a specific theme, or your officiant has designated a particular type of text, you can browse your options within each category (for example, Same-Sex no English, Orthodox with English, Conservative no English, Conservative with English, and more). These browsing options make it easy for you to find the perfect Ketubah to fit your wedding ceremony, your relationship, and your commitment to one another.

Can we view the Ketubah Texts?

Yes! Each Ketubah artist creates their designs as limited editions, with a particular set of texts available for each. The wording, availability, and number of options may vary quite a bit from artist to arts, and with different designs.

To view the detailed text on any Ketubah design, select the “view text” button located at the top left of the Ketubah image. Then, select the text you would like to view, and you will see it appear in a pop-up window. From here, you will be able to browse the available text selections, and you can even select the “send text” button, which will allow you to email the text to your officiant or significant other to review.

Can we make changes to an existing Ketubah text?

If you like the text of an existing Ketubah, but would like to make some small changes to the text, you have the option of selecting the custom text option. This will allow you to submit text exactly as you would like it to appear. Custom texts carry a fee that varies widely from artist to artist, and the prices for custom designs are listed on the page for each individual Ketubah.

If you would like to order a giclee Ketubah, the artist may be able to make small changes to the standard text options that they have made available. This depends on the design and text of the Ketubah you have selected, as well as the choice of the artist. If you would like to inquire about making small changes to a giclee Ketubah, please contact us by email by telephone. We will contact your chosen artist to see if what you are looking for will be a possibility, and supply you with the details of timing, pricing, and other information as necessary.

Are There Reform or Interfaith Texts Which Are Only in Hebrew?

Currently, our Reform and Interfaith Ketubah options are all available including both English and Hebrew components. We do have a variety of options available in Hebrew-only, and we invite you to browse through our collection to see if there is anything that resonates with you for your special day.

Another option is for you to order a Ketubah with a custom text option. By doing this, you have the option of providing us with custom text with the wording in either English or Hebrew.

For more information about this option, please see the “What does “Your Own Text” mean?” section of the FAQs.

Can we match the text from one artist with a design from another?

In most cases, if you wish to use a text outside the standard options offered by a particular artist, you must place your order using the custom text option. If you would like to use the text from one of the artists on our site, you must obtain written permission by the artist who wrote the text you would like to use. We are happy to assist you in contacting our artists with your request, but cannot guarantee that artists will want their texts used outside of their own designs.

For more information about this option, please see the “What does “Your Own Text” mean?” section of the FAQs. If you would like to investigate this option further, please feel free to contact us by email or phone.